The research activity of the Wildlife Ecology, Zoonoses & GIS Research Team of the Department of Microbiology and Parasitology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Thessaly, Greece, focuses on the study of microorganisms that cause disease in wild animals and are transmitted from wild animals to livestock and  humans, in the identification and molecular characterization of infectious agents responsible for infections of Greek animal populations, the development programs of molecular epidemiological surveillance of infectious animal diseases, diagnosis of infectious animal diseases by applying both traditional and modern methods of diagnostics, the study of mechanisms of immune response of animals against microorganisms, and the molecular genetics of the final host in order to find polymorphisms that confer resistance to specific animal diseases. In addition, the Laboratory uses specialized applications statistics and spatial analysis, modeling / modeling-sharing prevention of diseases and zoonoses with the help of GIS (Geographic information systems). Finally, the laboratory is actively engaged in the collection, analysis and interpretation of ecological data pertaining to wildlife species. The Laboratory has received authorization from the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change to collect samples from wild birds ​​for research and surveillance purposes.

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University of Thessaly
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