APHAEA Satellite Symposium

Satellite Symposium “Geographical coordination of wildlife health surveillance”

during the Third International One Health Congress (IOHC 2015),
March 17, 2015, The Netherlands



  •  Satellite Symposium “Geographical coordination of wildlife health surveillance”  

     will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on March 17, 2015. Presentations from 12h00-17h30
     will be followed by afternoon discussions.

This symposium, jointly organized by APHAEA and the Dutch Wildlife Health Centre, aims to provide an overview and comparison of past approaches taken by different networks, providing a blueprint for future initiatives, improving the international coordination of wildlife health surveillance, and promoting integration with similar health surveillance programmes for livestock and public health. Insights from surveillance initiatives in Europe (including the EWDA wildlife health surveillance network and APHAEA), North America, Asia and Oceania will be given by internationally renowned speakers:

  • Dr Craig Stephen, Executive Director CWHC, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada;
  • Dr Tom DeLiberto, National Wildlife Disease Coordinator, USDA, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA;
  • Dr Christian Gortazar, Head, Health and Biotechnology Group, IREC, Ciudad Real, Spain;
  • Dr Tokuma Yanai, Asian Wildlife Disease Surveillance Network, Gifu University , Gifu, Japan.

Having the symposium integrated in the IOHC 2015 will promote the APHAEA project in a broader context and provide opportunities for new collaborations.

Attendance to the Satellite Symposium is free.
You can register simply by sending an email to feedback@aphaea.eu

Participating in the Symposium also provides the unique chance to attend the full program of the IOHC 2015 (http://www.iohc2015.com) at an interesting discount price: in addition to the Satellite Symposium, you can attend the whole conference at a 35% discount on the full IOHC 2015 registration fee.

To obtain the discount, do not register via the IOHC website but simply mention your wish to register for the whole conference at the time of registration for the symposium (in your email to the APHAEA team). 


If you fulfill the requirements to register as a Young Scientist (letter of supervisor requested), you can just register for the IOHC conference via the official website; in this case, you may want to additionally mention your registration in your email to the APHAEA team, but note that APHAEA will not take care of your registration for the entire conference.

For accommodation in Amsterdam, see http://www.iohc2015.com/venue/hotels.

When is the:

  • Satellite Symposium: March 17, 2015, 12h00-17h30

Where is:


Please send an email to feedback@aphaea.eu with the following required information:

  • Last Name, First Name
  • Professional Title
  • Affiliation/Institute (with Abbreviation)
  • Address: Street/Nr, Zip, City, Country
  • Registration for Satellite Symposium / Consultation Workshop or both
  • Interested in discount for attending the full program of the IOHC 2015 - CLOSED!

Deadline for registration: 26 January 2015!

UPDATE:  Deadline for registration: 09 March 2015!

Registration cancellations must be sent via email!


Travelinformation: (click here for more information)


Agenda for the Satellite Symposium:






Andrea Gröne


The Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative: wildlife health surveillance in the world's biggest country

Craig Stephen


Wildlife health surveillance across the 51 states of America

Tom DeLiberto


Aphaea: harmonizing estimates of wildlife abundance and wildlife disease diagnosis across Europe

Christian Gortázar


Setting up an Asian network for wildlife disease surveillance

Tokuma Yanai


General discussion and closure of formal satellite symposium

Thijs Kuiken (moderator)


Break-out sessions (e.g. four groups of about ten people who each discuss a question proposed by the invited speakers)

Dolores Gavier-Widén (moderator)


Coffee/tea break


Report of break-out groups, general discussion

Dolores Gavier-Widén (moderator)



Christian Gortázar


Dinner at restaurant in Utrecht for those interested)