The Norwegian Veterinary Institute - NVI is a national biomedical research institute in the fields of animal health, fish health and food safety, whose primary functions include surveillance and diagnostic regarding different species and diseases as well as research and advisory support to the governing authorities.
The wildlife group, consisting of 4 veterinarians/researchers and 1 technician, is responsible for working with all wildlife species (both land and marine species) throughout all of Norway, its territorial waters and arctic/Antarctic dependencies. This work is often carried out in cooperation with other departments at NVI and other institutions such as the Institute of Marine Research, the Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management or the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research.
NVI carries both passive and active surveillance programs based for example on routine necropsies of wild species sent to NVI, or on active collection of samples during hunting periods or specific field actions. The Health Surveillance Program for Wild Cervids is the largest active surveillance program in wildlife at NVI and is also the basis for different research projects carried by the group. Other programs have focused on diseases such as Chronic Wasting Disease, Tuberculosis, Rabies or Echinococcus and species such as wild boars. NVI is also responsible for managing the Wild Cervids serum bank, currently with more than 5000 samples.
NVI and the wildlife group are involved in several national and international research projects concerning wildlife health, transmission of diseases between wild and domestic animals and diseases of zoonotic potential.

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Dr. Carlos G. das Neves, DVM PhD
Associate Professor / Senior researcher

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The Norwegian Veterinary Institute
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