DTU-Vet at the Technical University of Denmark is the national reference centre for wildlife diseases for the veterinary and environmental authorities for more than 70 years. Therefore, the institute has a broad experience in pathology, histopathology, bacteriology, virology, parasitology, and epidemiology in wildlife diseases in Denmark. More than 1000 fallen wildlife are submitted annually from which samples are stored for use in research. DTU-Vet can provide partners with a wide range of samples in our tissue bank from Danish wildlife collected through general and targeted surveillance. The DTU-Vet are carrying of general wildlife surveillance as well as targeted surveillance for a number of species including several of the species selected for this project. DTU-Vet leads the Danish National Centre for Wildlife Health (NCWH), an interdisciplinary and cross-institutional centre dedicated to carry out research in Danish wildlife disease and surveillance of health (www.wildlifehealth.dk). The researchers associated in the NCWH have a long and broad range of expertise within the veterinary and ecological fields including disease and population modeling. Stakeholders (farmer organizations and hunters associations) are associated partners in the NCWH allowing for an easy and efficient collection of material for the research activities.

Contact: march [a] vet.dtu.dk

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Technical University of Denmark National Veterinary Institute
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