CODA-CERVA (Federal Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Centre) is the appointed National Reference Laboratory for veterinary diseases and is an existing member of the EMIDA-ERA network. CODA-CERVA is currently funding several emerging disease EMIDA projects, such as EMIDA-VICE (Vector-borne Infections: risk based and cost efficient surveillance systems), as well as in EMIDA Early Detection Data (Improving early detection of emerging vector borne diseases by using existing production and diagnostic data).

CODA-CERVA is the Belgian National Reference Laboratory for many (re)emerging and zoonotic veterinary pathogens, including several that have been selected for WP3. In addition, CODA-CERVA already has stimulated the dissemination of available wildlife disease surveillance and network information, through hosting the 4th and 5th BWDS Symposium (Consequences of Wildlife Introductions, 2011 & Spatial Approach of Wildlife Diseases, 2013) and through active participation in the BWDS and its website (

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Federal Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Centre
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